The 500 Calorie A Day Challenge

August 27, 2012
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The majority of individuals out there typically establish weight loss goals as opposed to weight gain goals. The science involved with weight loss is a matter of basic numbers: use more energy than you consume. Calories as we know, are a unit of energy so if we burn more calories through daily activity than we consume, we will lose weight. There are 3500 calories in 1lb therefore if one sets a goal to be negative 500 calories (meaning they use 500 more calories than they consume) every day of week, this individual will lose 1lb a week.

The challenge as it stands for those who are interested is this: lose 4lbs in 4 weeks. I want you to try this because it is a short time period where you should have enough will power to make the changes that are required. These changes should be reflected in your daily diet. By cutting calories out, one consumes less calories therefore requiring less effort to reach the 500 negative calorie goal. On the flip side, one can step up there cardio or weight lifting program to be more intense leading to a greater calorie burn. Remember, it will take about 50 minutes of jogging at a pace of 5mph to burn off 500 calories (just to give you an idea). Or do both and meet somewhere in the middle.

The objective of this challenge is not to achieve a quick goal of weight loss. The true motive is to teach you that you can make the changes necessary to reach your goals and you do have the strength within to do whatever you set your mind to achieve. Ideally, these changes you make will turn into permanent lifestyle changes, leading to an ultimately healthier life. We'll check back with everyone on October 1st to see how you did.

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